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Locker, 3 drawers / 3 shelves, Midnight Blue Snap-on KRA2403PDG

Locker, 3 drawers / 3 shelves, Midnight Blue

The KRA2403 Series Locker will fit any Classic Series Roll Cab, including the KRA2411, KRA2418, KRA2496, KRA2432, KRA2422 and KRA2407 to add more than 17,000 cubic inches of extra storage space.
Drawers can be placed anywhere from top to bottom to fit your needs.
Includes three 4 drawers to adjust and move to any height or add drawers up to the top for as many as 11 drawers total in the locker.
Heavy gauge bottom mounting bracket with casters provides solid, lasting support.
Easy to reposition shelves (3) with no tools required.
Pre-drilled for optional Power Strip (order KAPS4).
Heat ventilation slots allow use with electronic appliances.
Optional Accessories: Extra Drawer-2403H094(PBO, PC, PCM, PDC, PDG, PJH, PJJ, PJK, POT, PU) up to 11 total drawer capacity - requires 8-05488AS slide set.Product Specifications Information:
Cubic inches (cm?)
17,035 (279,154)
Depth, inches (mm)
24 (610)
Height, inches (mm)
61 (1,549.4) w/casters, 54 (1,372.0) w/out casters
Net Weight, lb (kg)
375 (170)
Net Weight, lbs. (kg)
375 (170)
No. of Drawers
No. of Shelves/Trays
Shipping Weight, lb (kg)
418 (189)
Square inches (cm?)
2,509 (16,188)
Width, inches (mm)
24 3/4 (635)
Country Of Origin